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Welcome to the Connecticut Hernia Center, the top destination for hernia surgery in CT.

Hernias are tissue defects in the wall of the abdomen. Surgical procedures vary depending upon the size and location of the hernia, but in all cases, a hernia repair spans the tissue defect. There are many different types of hernias and multiple types of hernia surgery as well.

When you experience the signs and symptoms of a hernia, which are described in more detail here, you will want to schedule an appointment with the hernia specialists at the CT Hernia Center. Once a diagnosis has been confirmed at Connecticut Hernia Center, our expert surgeons tailor treatment to your particular clinical findings. We incorporate minimally invasive surgical techniques and patient centered hernia care in an effort to minimize discomfort and achieve faster hernia surgery recovery times.

We achieve excellent results for our patients, both short and long-term. CT Hernia Center is the safest and shortest bridge to recovery.



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The safest & shortest bridge to recovery.

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